Tax dispute resolution Colorado

Colorado tax dispute resolution

Resolving your tax dispute with the IRS in a timely manner and receiving the desired result. An IRS challenge is frequently upsetting, therefore it’s crucial to choose a qualified specialist who is familiar with IRS procedures to handle the case and get the best result. Without the proper counsel, a dispute may go on for years without being resolved, which will be expensive in terms of professional fees as well as the eventual monetary settlement of tax, interest, and penalties. Tax dispute resolution services for businesses and individuals in the Denver, Colorado area.

Our Method

We will do a thorough investigation to thoroughly comprehend the circumstances surrounding the important problems related to the dispute. After doing so, we will recommend a course of action, which typically include getting in touch with the necessary parties, such as the IRS.

Our knowledge of the IRS’s organizational structure enables us to communicate effectively with IRS and rapidly come to an agreement on a strategy.

Regular meetings with the IRS, our clients, and other professional advisers are a normal part of our work, as is the creation of in-depth technical studies that are submitted to the IRS or the Courts.


A taxpayer’s personal and professional lives may be impacted by the stress and financial strain of an ongoing dispute with the IRS. Please get in touch with us if you or a client is involved in a protracted dispute with the IRS to discuss your options:

– Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), is a mediation procedure in which a skilled mediator urges the IRS and the taxpayer to reach a settlement. Given that the mediation procedure typically lasts one day, it is cost-effective. We can help with the mediation process because we have conducted several successful ones.

– Appeals and reviews – You may appeal an IRS decision if you disagree with it on a factual or technical issue. Normally, the appeal has to be submitted in writing within certain timeframes. We might request an internal review, in which an impartial IRS employee examines the matter from a different angle in an effort to reach a resolution.

– Time to Pay Arrangement: A “time to pay arrangement” helps a person or a corporation by deferring payment of tax liability over time. These arrangements often entail regular monthly payments to the IRS. We have worked out numerous pay arrangements with the IRS, helping clients by removing temporary financial stress.

– A tax tribunal or court appeal is made through litigation. On our tax litigation matters, we collaborate with top attorneys.

Please get in touch with our knowledgeable Tax Investigations & Disputes team for further details.