Online W2 and Paycheck Stub Processing

You’ve Heard It – Automate! But How Does This Magic Word Really Save You Money, Time…and Hassles?

Professional Automation Services is proud to provide its online W2 site ( and paycheck processing site, including W2 processing, (

Avoid the unnecessary time and expense of reprinting W2s or printing and distributing payroll stubs. Our software will not only inform the employee that their payroll stub is ready but they can also retrieve past stubs, reprint W2s and have all this delivered to them in a variety of ways.  

More and more companies are turning to automatic payroll processing. In fact, surveys now show that 3 out of 4 employees are using automatic payroll deposits.

Automatic Payroll Processing – Truly Saving Money?

This is convenient for the employee but is it really a time-saver for the employer? True, automatic payroll processing can be done in-house or contracted out. But there is still the distribution of pay stubs. This has its inherent costs of an employee either creating the stubs and/or distributing them. Add in the cost of paper, any needed reprints, and employees contacting Payroll to find out if their check has been deposited as they have not yet received their stub. All this adds up to time and money.

Whether you have one employee in Payroll or this person is also holding another function in accounting, the additional employee traffic can add to the stress that is already there in the position.

The answer to the question of saving money is “YES” if you have your Payroll processing and administration truly automated!

Saving Time? Hassles?

You have heard the old worn and tired phrase – “Time is Money.” It’s true in many senses but what does it really mean? Here is an example:

You have a company of 100 employees. Your Payroll Period is the 1st and the 15th. Every payroll period you have approximately 25 calls from different employees, and sometimes the same ones each period, calling to find out if their deposit has been made. Each call takes about 5 minutes – look up the employee, verify the amount deposited, and answer any questions. That adds up to approximately 2 hours each pay period or more. Or almost 40 hours per year! That is 1 week of full-time work for someone in your company. And that does not include each of the employee’s time or the stress created.

A Different Approach – Really Taking Advantage of Technology

What about a system where the employee is automatically notified when the deposit has been made? In this day, just about everyone has a cell phone and uses text messaging. Our system will automatically send a text message when the deposit has been made.

What about employees who do not use text messaging? Not to worry, our system will call and leave a voice mail on their mobile or home service. Or the employee can call our service and retrieve the information in English or Spanish.

And, of course, an email can also be sent as a notification.


Our automated service also applies to W2 processing – both in automation and employee access.


Validated employees of Professional Automation Service’s clients can now log into a secure portal and view online their W2 history as well as view all posted paycheck stubs. Eliminating the need for the employer to process and mail these articles to their individual employees.

The employee may either view W2s online or acquire and print a copy of the W2 in PDF format.

The employee may view all past paycheck stubs and either view them online or acquire and print a copy of the paycheck stub in PDF format.

Administrative, back end, login to allow employers to fully administer their payroll.

No matter what the employer’s payroll system is, with one click of the mouse, PAS will upload and process your entire payroll as a PAS client.

Allows administrators to add, update, edit, and process, electronic paychecks, and W2s.


The online paycheck and W2 process is compatible with almost any payroll system and can handle any size payroll.


Fully contained behind standard 4096-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. Your data is encrypted and fully protected.