Electronic Payroll Checks and Stubs

Electronic checks will save your firm money every time you produce a payroll

By utilizing our services you can increase employee satisfaction while reducing your payroll costs. Your employees will be able to access our incredibly user friendly web site. With high availability of their check history they will have access to their entire payroll history. This means when they have a need for a check history they won’t be calling in to your staff causing work and we have a fully customizable IVR system in ENglish and Spanish! interruptions!  Show Less 

If you need a hybrid of electronic and paper checks we have all of your puzzle pieces covered!

We handle all of your printing and mailing/distribution requirements. If you have a portion of your payroll that has to be produced on paper and mailed (or sent to specific locations) we can solve your headaches. All checks will be available electronically.

Imagine using our web site as an extension of your existing web site.

Our site, checks and user experience are all customizable by season, web site messaging is available on the landing page and checks. Flexibility is the key and we bend over backwards to make your staff and employee’s experiences remarkable!